Who Are We?

No Bees = No Humans

Imagine a world where every year you risked losing at least 1/3rd of your business.
This is a reality faced by beekeepers every single year!

The UN says that by 2050 we will need to increase our food production by 50%,
to feed our growing population…

And with 80% of the world food supply in some way dependent on honeybee pollination,
this is more than just a beekeeping problem it’s a world problem. 


Our Mission

We aim to digitize the beekeeping industry to enable scientific beekeeping
and thereby save and protect honeybees for future generations.


What We Do

We use machine learning and image recognition technology to identify Honeybee health at the point of entry to a hive.


Our Development Cycle

How You Can Help Right Now!!

We want to save the bees but we can’t without your help so here’s what you can do...

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Our Team

Joseph Lanzillotta


Joseph Lanzillotta

Francis Yates


Francis Yates